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DevsLib publishes a lot of useful articles about web development for developers. Also, it offers web development services.

DevsLib talks about WordPress

Yes, we talk about the most used CMS – WordPress. We cover a lot of topics on WordPress themes and plugins. We help developers choose the best themes and plugins by comparing the most popular WordPress themes and plugins. Not only that, we also deliver a lot of guides and tutorials on different sections of WordPress.

Only WordPress? What’s for other developers?

No. You love frameworks because it’s fun to create web apps yourself, so you need HTML templates for that. We help you choose the best HTML website templates, either free or premium, that suits the best for your next web application project. We also publish a lot of articles on different frameworks that help you build your application efficiently. Some CSS and jQuery tricks provided by us may save your day and you definitely won’t want to miss that.

We love PHP

PHP, one of the most popular server-side languages. A lot of developers write codes on PHP. They have created a lot of PHP scripts for different jobs. We will help you decide the best one from tons of these scripts that accomplishes your job. Besides, we will provide tons of PHP codes that will make your web development life easier.

This is our starting point. By the time we grow older, we will extend our area. We hope to have a great journey with you devs!

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16 August 2019