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What are cookies

Cookies are a small data file sent to your web browser or mobile device that is stored on your browser cache.

First-party cookies are set by us when you’re visiting our site, and third-party cookies are set by a party other than the website you're visiting.

Information collection

Strictly Necessary: Strictly necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation, website security and access to information that requires authentication.

Statistics: Statistics cookies help us to understand how visitors interact with our websites by collecting and reporting information.

Third Parties: Our business partners and authors use cookies for the purposes described above.

Managing cookies

Please keep in mind that your experience may not be as we intended if you change the standard settings.

Any interested visitor can learn how to opt out of third party cookies by consulting this page, or learn how to change your browser settings:

Further information

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This page was last updated in 08 June 2022