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Dekho - Domain WHOIS and DNS Lookup PHP Script

Product Author: Devslib

Version: 1.0.1

Released: 17 June 2020

Updated: 31 July 2020

Product Category: PHP Scripts

Price: $39

Dekho is a PHP script using which anyone can easily built a WHOIS and DNS lookup website. The script is super-ready for ad monetization and domain-hosting affiliate system. You can easily place ads on different pages in your domain WHOIS checkup website. The script is super controllable and you can manage almost everything from the admin dashboard. You can place SEO meta information in all of the pages of the script.


Domain WHOIS Lookup

  • 654+ TLD supported for WHOIS lookup
  • WHOIS information such as domain owner, domain age and validity, etc. are collected from the original WHOIS Servers of the respective TLD. (e.g. WHOIS of a .ME domain is collected directly from the authority website assigned for .ME extension)
  • No third party API required. You don’t need rely on any other website API for WHOIS lookup, not even us.
  • No limit for search query. Your website can serve unlimited domain WHOIS search.
  • Show multiple affiliate link (with registrar logo) if the input domain is available to buy.
  • Options to choose which WHOIS data you want show (specially parsed WHOIS data).
  • Custom message system for New, Newer and old domain (Search in the demo and see in the sidebar).
  • Custom message for the domains with less validity, moderate validity and longer validity (Search in the demo and see in the sidebar).
  • Custom message for expired domains
  • Cache system: enable/disable caching, set cache time, allow/disallow visitor to refresh the cached domain WHOIS data.
  • Options to add/enable/disable Welcome content in the search page and in the search result page
  • Options to enable/disable showing recently checked domains in WHOIS lookup tool.
  • Emails are converted to image to prevent direct copying in WHOIS result.

DNS Records Lookup

  • Check DNS records of a domain
  • Uses Google Public DNS API
  • All types of records are shown with all data
  • Options to enable/disable showing recently checked domains

Application Features

Heavily Customizable

  • The whole app can be customized and edited through the admin dashboard.
  • You can set your website logo, tagline, faviconhomepage blocks (search block, about block, quick start block, features block)
  • All the customization data (settings data) can be exported and imported with one click.

Block domains and IP address

  • Blocked domains cannot be searched in any tool (WHOIS lookup or DNS lookup).
  • Custom message when anyone tries to search a blocked domain or IP.


  • To get the maximum performance, codes and logic are well organized, backup API is placed, cache is used where possible.
  • Utilizing the Laravel’s config system, settings data can be placed in Laravel custom config file to reduce database calls which enhances overall performance.

Multiple Admin

  • Website can be managed by multiple admin account
  • Profile Edit Option with password changepassword recovery, avatar upload

Download as CSV

  • All the searched domains and IPs can be downloaded as CSV in a click.

SEO Ready

  • Dedicated options in the admin dashboard to set Meta Data and image for all of the tools pages, homepage and generic pages.
  • Custom robots.txt
  • Sitemap for all the tools pages, generic pages, recently searched domains

Ad Ready WHOIS Script

  • Dedicated options in admin dashboard to set ad code for all the tools pages and generic pages
  • Option to enable/disable ad in one click in full site/specific tools pages
  • Custom ads.txt

Affiliate Ready for Domain and hosting

  • Dedicated options to add affiliate links with Domain Registrar and Registrar Logo
  • In the tools pages, if the input domain is available to buy, show “Buy Now” button with domain affiliate links of different registrars (this is available in the pages of WHOIS Lookup tool, DNS Records checker tool)
  • Specially designed footer affiliate ad (Please see demo)

Generic Pages

  • Options to add/save as draft/edit generic pages (such as About Us, Privacy Policy) with featured image, meta information.
  • SEO meta data (meta description, canonical URL)
  • SEO overview with suggestions (total words, total heading tags)

Media Files

  • You can see the list of images used throughout the website.
  • You can also Upload/delete images.

Contact Form

  • Built-in contact form with mailbox options such as Read, Unread, Trash, Delete etc. in the admin dashboard.
  • Set your own title, description for the contact form.

Fonts and Styles

  • The script comes with a responsive design and all popular browser are support.
  • 900+ Google Font support.
  • Font Awesome Icons as dropdown list.
  • Navigation and footer background color.

Social Links

  • Option to add social links of popular social sites.
  • Option to show/hide social links in top navigation bar and in footer.

Sharing option

  • Options to show/hide social share buttons in each tools pages individually.

Footer Menu

  • Options to add Footer Menu (generic pages, tools pages can be added in one click)
  • Options to re-ordering menu items

Custom Codes

  • Dedicated option to add custom header (where you can place Google Analytics tracking code), body code (for Facebook plugins), footer code, CSS codeJS code
  • Instead of normal textarea, code editor has been used which helps detecting errors in the code.

Maintenance Mode

  • You cab enable/disable maintenance mode in your website.
  • Maintenance timeout option (1 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour or manual turn-off)
  • Custom message to show during maintenance mode

Custom 404 error page

  • Custom title for 404-error page
  • Custom message for 404-error page

Well documented

  • All the admin functionalities are described (General and Advanced)
  • HTML documentation included

One click update checker

  • Check your website application updates in just one click.

Developer Friendly

  • All the technical jobs have been done following the latest industry-standards and best practices.
  • Built with the most popular frameworks and libraries- Laravel 6 (Current LTS version of Laravel), Bootstrap 4 and jQuery 3
  • Codes are formatted and well commented.